COVID-19 Update

Greetings in the name of our lord, Jesus Christ the merciful. I hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying the weather. 
As we await the government announcement on the direction of social gatherings guidelines we will like to provide some update as to what the church has being doing to ensure a healthy and safe place of worship when the lockdown is lifted and we feel it is safe to resume our onsite services. 
Here are some of the few action and decisions the church has considered and implemented:
1. We have already rearranged the church to reflect the distancing rule and with the new arrangement, the new capacity of the church sanctuary will now seat about 30/35 people. 
2. Once the government announce increase in social gathering number and *we feel it is safe for us to resume our onsite services*, we will reopen the church with the new max capacity the church can accommodate up to the limit of the regulated capacity. 
3. The plan is to start 2 Sunday services: 10AM -11AM & 11:30AM – 12:30PM. More detail will be made available soon. 
4. Children church will *NOT* be opened until schools are opened
5. Face mask will be made 
mandatory and disposable face mask will be provided for those who come to church without one. We have already ordered thousands of disposable medical grade face mask 
6. Other sanitation materials such as sanitizer, gloves, and face shields will be provided for those that may require or prefer one. 
7. Awareness posters for constant reminder has already being printed and will be posted all around inside the church. 
8. Contactless thermometer will be made available for those that may be interested in checking their temperature. 
9. Our online service will still continue for those that may prefer that. Please kindly note that we guarantee the same level of quality as we currently enjoy. 
10. Everyone can help in planing a better post lockdown worship experience by completing the survey that will be sent out soon. 
These are few of the things we have done in preparation and to ensure everyone is safe. 
I can assure you that very detail and adequate thought and consideration is going into this. 
God bless you.
Pastor Olumide Ademidun