Our mission is to assist the children, volunteers and parents in RCCG The House of David to transmit the inspired teaching of God to our children in a way that they will ultimately be strong, confident and obedient followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

At the children’s ministry, children learn biblical truth and biblical concepts through fun and innovative methods that increase children’s success in living a godly life. To accomplish this goal, the Children’s Ministry runs a children’s Sunday school every Sunday during the main service for children from 18 months to 15 years.

Following the teachings in Ecclesiastes chapter 1: There is a time and a season for everything under the sun…….”, not only do we spend time in church studying the word of God, we also engage in fun and exciting activities outside of church. Such activities include:

  •  Annual field trip to one or more of the following places
  • Canada Wonderland, Laser Tag, Sky zone, Bowling, Roller Skate place, Amazing Adventures Play Land.
  • Hallelujah night ( a take back the night for Jesus on the 31st of October)
  • Choreograph dance classes. (Inspirational Dance)
  • Youth night: Students of middle school and high school ages also meet once a month.